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Introducing ClickDimensions’ New Tiered Certification Model

For those of you who have been with ClickDimensions for some time, you are likely familiar with how we have handled ClickDimensions certification in the past. A user would register for a series of training webinars, take a certification exam and then would be certified indefinitely. That process served its purpose while it was in practice, but the times they are a changing.

In conjunction with other changes made to our training processes to ensure that users get the most out of their usage of ClickDimensions, such as the introduction of the ClickDimensions Academy eLearning Portal last year and our recently redesigned Help Center, we have updated our certification process to a new tiered model.

ClickDimensions now offers three certifications designed for varying skills levels and roles:

  • Fundamentals: Designed for the marketer that wants to quickly get up-to-speed with the essential functions of ClickDimensions.
  • Advanced: For advanced marketers and administrators who need to take the next step beyond a simple email blast to better understand how to build robust campaign automations and how those emails get delivered.
  • Admin: Designed for administrators who install the solution and need to understand the mechanics of how ClickDimensions works.

Each certification tier is accessed from the ClickDimensions Academy eLearning Portal and are comprised of their own curriculum and exam. Whereas the previous certification model required users to attend several hour-long webinars that occurred at specific times on specific days, the new ClickDimensions Academy provides comprehensive self-service learning paths incorporating interactive and engaging learning resources. Each lesson in the certification courses is less than five minutes in length and available around the clock so users can complete their certification whenever they are ready or have some free time in their day.

Both new and previously certified users may have a few questions about how this change to a tiered certification model affects them:

Q: What if I’m already ClickDimensions Certified?

A: For those who are already certified through our previous certification exam, we will honor that certification for six months. After which, you must complete one of the new certifications in order to still be considered ClickDimensions Certified.

Q. I previously attended the webinar-based ClickDimensions Academy. Can I use the same login credentials?

A: The ClickDimensions Academy eLearning Portal is a separate platform from the webinar-based ClickDimensions Academy that we previously offered. Even if you attended the previous version of the Academy, you will still need to request new login credentials for the eLearning Portal.

Q: If I am already familiar with ClickDimensions functionality, do I still need to complete the lessons in a certification tier before taking the exam?

A: No, you can jump directly to the exam without completing the relevant lessons if you want. However, we do release product updates monthly, so it might be worth you time to go through the lessons to make sure your knowledge of the product is up to date.

Q: Do I have to pass all three exams to be considered ClickDimensions Certified?

A: No, you will only need to complete one exam to be considered certified, but we recommend going through as many tiers as you can to ensure that you have a firm grasp on all the ClickDimensions product functionality (after all, knowledge is power).

Q: How many attempts do I get to pass a certification exam?

A: You can attempt the exam as many times as necessary; there is not a limit.

Q: How long does my ClickDimensions certification last?

A: Each of the new certifications will expire one year from when the learner passes the exam.

Q: Is there a cost involved with becoming ClickDimensions Certified?

A: There are no additional charges or fees required for the certifications; we want to enable our customers to use the product in the best manner possible.

If you have any other questions regarding changes to the ClickDimensions certification process, feel free to reach out to the ClickDimensions Training Team at learning@clickdimensions.com.

If you would like to register for the ClickDimensions Academy, you can do so here.

Good luck and happy marketing!

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