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Introducing the ClickDimenions Nurture Program Builder

ClickDimensions is pleased to introduce the latest addition to our ever growing marketing automation feature set; ClickDimenions Nurture Program Builder. Our Nurture Program Builder provides our users a simple drag-and-drop tree interface where they can quickly and easily build automated nurture programs.

The concept is simple; you have a prospect (lead or contact) that is not quite ready to be contacted by a sales person (i.e. not ‘sales-ready’). But, you want to keep your message in front of the prospect and then let the appropriate sales person know when the prospect begins to respond.

To handle this scenario you build a nurture program and associate it with one of more CRM marketing lists. When a lead or contact is added to the marketing list the program initiates and sends emails at intervals you specify. The program can also notify sales, or take other action, when the prospect starts to show interest by opening and clicking your emails.

Below we’ve created a new nurture program in the ClickDimensions settings area…

And then we used the simple drag-and-drop designer to set up the steps we want to occur…

Nurture generally starts by sending an email template and then waiting a few days while monitoring for a response (i.e. a click or open). This allows a sales person to put the prospect on ‘auto-pilot’ so he/she can spend time on sales-ready prospects and be notified as nurtured prospects come alive.

The nurture program builder can be used for common marketing scenarios such as:

  • Following up with prospects after a trade show
  • Following up with prospects after they have downloaded a marketing asset from your web site (i.e. white paper, eBook, etc.)
  • Keeping a steady stream of relevant messages in front of a prospect that has asked for you to ‘keep in touch’

Of course, as with all ClickDimensions emails, you can easily personalize your templates so that your messages will be addressed to your prospect by name and come from the right sales person.

With simple automation you can do more with less. Happy marketing!

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  1. Claire Henkey March 14, 2012 at 11:36 pm - Reply

    Great news Click Dimensions. We are excited about using this new feature. Where can we find the documentation so we can get started when we install the update?

  2. Matt Wittemann March 15, 2012 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    Hi, Claire! We’re preparing new training materials now and they should be ready in the next few weeks. We have regularly scheduled online training a few times each week and will begin to incorporate the Nurture Program Builder in those sessions. (Customers can register at http://www.clickdimensions.com/support/TrainingSessions.asp) We’re also getting ready to unveil a new, more friendly training site. Stay tuned!

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