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Manually identifying web traffic: a great feature that is especially helpful for our European customers

Because of the way we modeled the web tracking data in the ClickDimensions solution, all traffic from any given IP address is grouped under a record type called 'IP Organization'. We named the record this way because it represents the organization that is registered to the IP address. For example, when you are at home on the Internet your web traffic is coming from an IP address that is registered to your residential internet service provider. However, when you are at your office, your traffic may come from an IP address registered in your company's name. Because our solution groups all traffic from an IP address under an IP Organization record, you can quickly figure out which of your customers and prospects are coming from which IP addresses. You can then rename those IP Organization records so that you know when someone from that organization is on your site. Here is an example…

When our partner Traviata visits our site they come from an IP address registered to an internet service provider in Belgium. All anonymous and known visitors from this IP address and their visits, page views and web form submissions are neatly linked to this record.

So, when we see one identified visitor from Traviata that is associated with this IP address, we can generally assume that all visitors from here are coming in from Traviata.

Then we can simply rename the IP organization record…

Now we will be reminded that this is traffic from Traviata each time an anonymous visitor from this IP address appears on our site…

This is especially useful in Europe where many companies come in from a smaller number of internet service providers and company names are less likely to be associated with the IP addresses.

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