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Marketing Automation In Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Guest blog post by Richard Knudson of Magenium Solutions

When I first started doing marketing automation integrated within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the only thing I cared about was email tracking. That is, after sending a marketing email, knowing which emails were delivered or bounced, which ones were opened or clicked through, and so forth. But the more marketing I do, the more I appreciate the importance of other features as a complement to email tracking, and one of those – analytics– is the topic of this article.

I use (and highly recommend) the ClickDimensions marketing automation solution, which lives inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM and provides visualizations like the following one:

That figure illustrates the form of the Email Send entity (or in non-PC terms, the email blast), and the fact that all of those events (Delivered, Opens, Clicks, Bounces, etc.) are associated with contact records is what we mean by email tracking and like I said, when I first started out that was what mattered…

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