Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Your company just secured some great press coverage – congrats! Whether it was seen by hundreds of readers of a local trade publication or thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of listeners of a popular podcast, your exposure can still be amplified.

With so many sources for news today, it can be difficult to know whether your ideal audiences consumed your big piece of publicity from the original source. That means it’s up to you to make sure it happens. Here are four simple ways you can maximize your press coverage by marketing it:

1. Post it on social media. As soon as the video, article or transcript of your publicity is posted, link to it on all your social media channels. Depending on the social platform as well as the magnitude of the news and where it was featured, you may want to promote the press coverage multiple times on your social channels. If you decide to post multiple times, write new copy each time to keep your social media feeds fresh and prevent the news from feeling stale. In addition, use relevant hashtags to help expand the potential audience for your news.

2. Email it. Whether you’re sharing your publicity hit in your regularly scheduled e-newsletter or a special email blast, email is an effective way to share your big news. Just don’t be too self-serving in the process. Be sure to tell your recipients what’s in it for them. Why does it matter to them? If your CEO was interviewed by the New York Times about industry trends, for example, tease those insights in the email and how they impact and interest your recipients. Create separate emails for different audience segments (leads versus customers, for example) so you can customize that messaging.

3. Tease it on your blog. Your corporate blog might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of marketing your company’s publicity. After all, you already have original content for your blog. And you also don’t want to run into issues with republishing content that isn’t your own. Not to worry. There’s a hybrid approach that lets you share the news with your blog audience without running into any issues. Simply write a short teaser post that provides some of your company’s own commentary around the news and then link to the full coverage with the media outlet.

4. Share it internally. Too often, companies tend to forget one of their most important audiences when it comes to sharing news – their own employees. Keep employees in the loop by sending out an internal company-wide communication, whether via email or Microsoft Teams or your company’s intranet, announcing the publicity and what it means to the organization. Also, be sure to utilize social advocacy to help employees share the news with their social networks. You can get a lot more mileage out of your press coverage from this one tactic alone.

Happy Marketing!