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Measuring visit quality to assess advertising effectiveness

In our recent blog post on the ClickDimensions Social Dashboards we ended with an analysis of the quality of visits to our site based on the source of the traffic. Prior to having a tool like ClickDimensions we had always tried our best to analyze our traffic sources and invest in those that, we thought, yielded the highest quality traffic. However, this resulted in guesswork at best. We would end up trying to reconcile what our web site analytics said vs. what our pay-per-click said vs. what our web site form submissions told us. We never could see the whole truth.

Now that we can tell the exact origination of each visit, we know which visits came from which sources. The only question our system (or any system) doesn't answer is related to direct traffic (or search traffic that used our name in the search keywords and is effectively direct traffic). With these visits we have learned to ask the prospect 'how did you hear about ClickDimensions'. More often than not it will have been a partner or Microsoft who referred us.

The trifecta of visit quality is very easily measured: lead score, number of page views and duration. Our Social Dashboard post compared three traffic sources using these metrics and the results clearly indicated where we should invest our advertising resources.

Our visit quality analysis doesn't end there however. Because our solution shows you the keywords your visitors use to get to your site, you can then analyze which keywords lead to the highest quality visits. For example, if you have a product that is higher quality than one of your competitors, you may find that visits from people who searched on the competitor's name will lead to an above average conversion rate. This is because your visitors search on the name of the competitive product, see your ad and then click through to your site. Once they realize that your product is better they stay on your site (and never go back to your competitor's site). But how would you ever know this if you didn't tie the visit into your CRM and web site so you could see the duration, score and number of page views alongside the keywords, referring search engine and conversion (i.e. web form completion) information?

There is a lot going on that you may never see until you tie everything together. CRM + Marketing Automation + Web Analytics. Give us a call and we'll show you how.

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