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New Release Sneak Peek: Campaign Automation Builder

Each quarter, we release an update to ClickDimensions that contains new features and improvements. Our next release is scheduled to roll-out in late October into November. This release will be staggered, meaning different locations will receive the release at different times in order to provide you with a better experience in updating the solution. We will be announcing the dates for the release in the coming weeks.

Now, on to the Campaign Automation builder! This is a brand new feature that will be added in the upcoming release. ClickDimensions’ customers with a Standard or higher license level, using CRM 2011 or newer, will receive this feature at no additional charge.

This feature will allow you to set up different paths based on actions taken by a lead or contact.

In this release you will have 4 options for triggers:

  1. If the contact/lead submits a ClickDimensions’ form.
  2. If the contact/lead opens or clicks on a specific email. You can even choose specific links from an email.
  3. If the contact/lead is added to a CRM marketing list.
  4. On the contact/lead records there will be a button to manually add them to a Campaign Automation.


You may notice that purple triangle after the Submitted Form trigger. This allows you to choose a path for the participant based on the values they submitted in the form. This will also work after an Email Open/Click trigger to allow you to send them different ways based off of which link was clicked or if they only opened the email.

A series will allow you to set a string of options for that contact/lead to go through.  These actions include:

  1. Send Email: Send an email template you’ve already created.
  2. Add to List: Add the contact/lead to a static marketing list.
  3. Remove from List: Remove the contact/lead from a static marketing list.
  4. Assign to User: Assign the CRM contact or lead record to a specific user.
  5. Notify User: Send an email to a user in your CRM to alert them.
  6. Create Task Activity: Create a CRM activity record of type task.
  7. Workflow: Run an on demand CRM workflow on the contact/lead.
  8. Notify Team: Send an email to a team in your CRM to alert them.

A series also contains timers:

  1. Wait Timer: Pause for a set number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months.
  2. Date Timer: Select a specific date or range of dates to wait.


We will be continuing to add more triggers and actions to the Campaign Automation Builder in releases to come.


Will this replace the current nurture program feature?
For now, nurtures will remain in ClickDimensions as they are. Nurtures will not be automatically converted to campaign automations, and you are not required to change a nurture into a campaign automation. However, the campaign automations will be able to do everything nurtures can do and more!

What about other ClickDimensions features that are not included?
Don’t worry, we will be adding more triggers and actions including Survey Posts, Subscription Posts, SMS actions, etc. in future releases.

Does this use the Microsoft workflows to run?
No, this uses ClickDimensions so it will not put a strain on your CRM in that way. However, you will still get email send records coming in if you have Send Email actions.

Stay tuned to get more details!

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Allison Macedo is the Product Manager at ClickDimensions.

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