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Personalized email subject lines? No problem

Personalization is a key component to effective email marketing. With ClickDimensions you can personalize not only the body of your emails but also the subject lines of your emails. You do this simply by adding our personalization fields to the subject of your email template. Let's look at the specific steps involved:

First, use the personalization menus in your email template to select the field you want to add to the subject line:

Second, copy the personalization field

Third, paste the personalization field into the subject line of the template

When you send your email, the personalization field will be replaced with the value from CRM. If a value does not exist in CRM nothing will be put in place of the personalization field; not even a blank space. If you want to specify a default value in this case, simply place it inside the quotation marks at the end of the personalization field (e.g. ${Recipient.contact.firstname[0]!"Hey there"} )

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  1. Merijn Van Mourik January 5, 2012 at 10:39 am - Reply

    Great this is possible, was looking for this feature.

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