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Prepopulating Test Email Fields When Creating a New Email Send Record

We have had several ClickDimensions customers reach out recently regarding the repetition of listing themselves as a recipient of a test email on an email template that they created. For some of these customers, there are also certain managers within their organization who always need to be included on every test email so they can approve the content before it goes out to hundreds or even thousands of leads or customers.

Having to manually include these consistent and reoccurring email addresses in every email is a nuisance and could also lead to the mistake of failing to include these individuals. I decided to research this popular request and found that when creating a new email send record, you can use a business rule to automatically populate the Test Emails field with the record owner's email address.

To set this up, you will want to navigate to Settings > Processes and create a new business rule that runs on the email send entity. You will then create a condition in the business rule properties that recognizes the owner field value (in this case, I've used user Louella Lugo as the lookup value). Next add the action to change the Test Emails field to the owner's email address.

If you want to repeat this action for multiple owners, you will need to create multiple versions of this same condition and action.

After activating the business rule, any new email send records that you (or any other owner) create moving forward will automatically prepopulate the Test Emails field with their email address. Now your users don't have to add themselves to the Test Emails field every time they prepare an email send.

Some other options in the business rule would allow you to lock the field after making this change, toggle the visibility or even add other owners so that the business rule will apply to other users!

Happy Marketing!

Written by Dante Porter, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager

About the Author:

Dante Porter is a Technical Support Specialist at ClickDimensions.

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