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Re-Subscribing Contacts and Leads

Let’s start this post with an important disclaimer: per the ClickDimensions Terms of Service and many email marketing laws, you must receive explicit permission to opt someone back in your marketing communications after they have opted out. This can be in the form of a direct email or phone call between you and the individual. If you opt someone back in without their permission, this can be harmful to your sending reputation and hurt your ability to reach valid inboxes in the future.

While most people intentionally unsubscribe from emails, there are cases where customers may mistakenly unsubscribe from your communications. Or their motives may change and, while they once intentionally unsubscribed, they now want to receive your communications again. Keeping the disclaimer above in mind, opting these individuals back in is a fairly simple task.

Before we jump in to how it’s done, let’s first take a look at what happens when someone globally unsubscribes from your communications. When someone elects to unsubscribe, two changes occur in your CRM.

1. The Bulk Email field under Contact Preferences on the CRM record changes from Allow to Do Not Allow.

2. An unsubscribe record is created in CRM that is specifically tied to the email address of the person opting out.

The first change prevents that record from receiving emails again and the second acts as fail safe in case duplicate records exist with the same email address.

So now that we understand those details, let’s take a look at how you can opt someone back in if they request that you do so.

1. Navigate to the CRM record for the contact or lead and change the Bulk Email field back to Allow. You will want to make sure that the email field is also set to Allow.

Contact preferences edited

2. Delete any unsubscribe record that correlates with the email address associated with the unsubscribed record. The easiest way to do this is to navigate to Marketing > Unsubscribes in CRM and search by the email address.

Unsubscribe record edited

Once you have completed the above steps, the person wishing to re-subscribe will now be able to receive your communications again. The same process can be followed to remove someone’s opt out from a subscription list. In that case, you would need to delete both the preference record (Marketing > Subscription Preferences) and the unsubscribe record (Marketing > Unsubscribes).

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Happy Marketing!

Written by Matt Privateer, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager

About the Author:

Matt Privateer is a Customer Success Manager at ClickDimensions.

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