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Scoring with Your Biggest Fans: How Sports Teams Can Drive Loyalty and Renewals with ClickDimensions

Recognizing the value of customer retention and focusing on driving customer loyalty is a fact of doing business today across all industries. While sports organizations may enjoy team loyalties that have been passed down through the generations, they still have to work hard to consistently engage fans and fill seats.

Using ClickDimensions combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365, sports teams have the tools they need to create fan engagement campaigns that foster team loyalty and drive ticket sales. Let’s look at an example scenario that shows how this nurturing process might work.

Looking ahead to the end of the next baseball season, the Springfield Sharks wanted to increase their renewals. To help them accomplish this goal, the Sharks marketing team created a nurture marketing campaign aimed at these loyal fans using the ClickDimensions campaign automation builder.

season ticket nurture

The campaign automation kicks off with a simple renewal message and includes other messages and actions based on a recipient’s interaction with the first message. All the emails within the campaign automation are built in the easy-to-use ClickDimensions drag and drop email editor, which allows the Sharks to create great-looking email templates with no HTML coding required.

drag and drop sharks

Inside the campaign automation, the first message is scheduled to send shortly after the end of baseball season so the Sharks can get ahead on renewals for the next year.

renewal ticket - edit series

When an email recipient clicks on the renewal link in one of the messages, a member of the season ticket sales team is notified and a task is created for them to call that individual.

edit series notify

To help expand their potential season ticket holder lists, the campaign automation includes a referral program message for those who renew their season tickets. Immediately after renewing, season ticket holders are sent a thank you message with the refer-a-friend promotion. This email links to a landing page and a form, both of which can be easily created within ClickDimensions.

enter to win - sharks email

All the renewal marketing activities – including the campaign automation, emails and form submissions – are linked to a CRM campaign record, allowing the Sharks to measure the successfulness of their season ticket renewal efforts.

season ticket nurture 2

In addition to campaign automation, email marketing, landing pages and forms, ClickDimensions gives you a variety of other tools that can be incorporated into the customer retention process – or any other marketing efforts! – including SMS messaging, surveys, subscription preferences and event management.

Happy Marketing!

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