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Sending a Follow-Up Email to Recipients Who Have Not Opened or Clicked a Link in a Previous Email

A common requirement for a marketing or communication plan is to follow-up with prospects or customers who have not opened or clicked a previous email. Using CRM and ClickDimensions, follow the steps below to see how this can easily be accomplished:

In this example, we’ve sent an email to our contacts who are subscribed to receive notifications about updates to our product. I’d like to follow up with the Contacts who did not open that email.

  1. To start, I am going to make a copy of the original marketing list that was used in the first email. In Microsoft CRM, in order to copy a marketing list, you must first create a blank list to which you will then copy the original list members:


    Next, select the original list and click “Copy Marketing List”:


    This opens a dialog where you can locate the new blank list to copy the members to:


  2. Next, open your new copy of the list, and click on “Manage Members”:


    Select the option “Use Advanced Find to remove members” (This is why I made a copy of my original list, since I don’t want to mess it up!)


  3. Using the Advanced Find option to remove members, create a query to find Contacts, with Related Email Events, where the Email Events are associated with your original Email Send and they are of the type “Open”:


    TIP: To find the Related Email Events, click on “Select” and scroll down past the list of Contact fields. There you’ll find the records that are related to Contacts, including Email Events.

    Click the “Find” button at the bottom right, and on the next screen, select the option “Remove all the members returned by the search from the marketing list”:


    Now you have a marketing list that contains only those contacts who did not open the original email. You can use this new marketing list to create a new Email Send for your follow-up!

Happy Marketing!

About the Author:

Matt Wittemann is a 13-time Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and ClickDimensions' Senior Director, Pre-Sales Consulting.

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