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Serving the Public Interest: How Government Entities Deliver Educational Content with ClickDimensions

Did you know that 45 percent of government agencies list “driving audience engagement with content” as their top communications challenge? That stat from a GovDelivery survey shows not only the need for compelling content that can drive engagement, but also a need for effective distribution of that content – for government entities and organizations of all kinds. In our example scenario below, we outline how one government agency shares their content and analyzes results.

The Finn County Department of Public Health (FCDPH) has long been known for educating the public on matters of public health and safety, but wanted to streamline that process and make their communications more effective.

Using ClickDimensions, the FCDPH marketing team created a campaign automation, which allows them to send out targeted emails over time, for their new Home Safe Home awareness campaign.

The campaign automation includes several emails, all made with the easy-to-use ClickDimensions drag and drop email editor. Using the social media links and social sharing features within the editor, FCDPH can also easily connect their email and social efforts.

Within the campaign automation, email recipients are invited to download a safe home workbook to help them address common household safety threats. Using ClickDimensions, FCDPH created the landing page and form used for this download – no coding required!

FCDPH also published several informative blog posts as part of the Home Safe Home campaign, and the ClickDimensions RSS to email connector allows the department to expand their blog’s reach by automatically sending posts to marketing lists at set times.

Using the ClickDimensions content pack for Microsoft Power BI, FCDPH is able to analyze data and share insights with data visualizations and dashboards to better understand the performance of their Home Safe Home campaign.

In addition to campaign automation, email marketing, landing pages and forms, and reporting, ClickDimensions gives you a wide variety of tools that can be incorporated into educational outreach campaigns – or any other marketing efforts! – including surveys, SMS messaging, event management and web intelligence.

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