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How to Set Up a Recurring Email Using Campaign Automation

Would you like to send out the same weekly email to your leads or contacts on a certain day each week? Some businesses, such as financial institutions, need to regularly send the same email to their customers to check in with them or keep them abreast of certain information, such as their account balance. If you’re using dynamic marketing lists, this previous blog post talks about how to achieve this using a workflow. This blog post will look at how to achieve the same results using static marketing lists and a simple looping campaign automation.

Here is what the final automation will look like:

Let’s walk through the campaign automation action by action.

The automation will be triggered by adding your lead or contact to a marketing list. I have set up a marketing list called Loop List for this automation. As members will be continuously added and removed from this list, I recommend setting up a marketing list specifically for this purpose.

The first thing the automation will do is remove the participant from the marketing list using the Remove From List action. Make sure to set the action to remove the participant from the loop marketing list. This will allow us to re-add the participant at the end of the automation.

Next, we will set up the wait timer that will ensure the participant does not move forward until the desired day:

I have set up my automation to send an email every Monday. My wait timer above will only allow the participant to move to the next stage on Monday between 8 am and 9 pm EST.

When the participant has reached the designated time, we will then send the appropriate email. It is important to note that the Send Email action can only be set up to send a set email template. This means that if you need to send a different email each week, either the template record will need to include FreeMarker for custom copy, the template will need to be updated or the campaign automation will need to be updated with the new template. I recommend using this method to send regularly scheduled transactional emails where the template never changes.

Once the email has been sent, the participant will move into a second wait timer for 24 hours. This will ensure that when the participant is re-added to the automation, they will not receive the same email again.

The final step in the automation is an Add to List action. The action is set up to add the participant back to the loop marketing list, which will trigger the participant to run through the automation again, starting them back at the beginning:

It is important to note that the only way to prevent emails from being sent to someone in the automation is to manually stop them in the automation or if they globally unsubscribe. As each Email Send action is not tied to a marketing list, you cannot use subscription management in conjunction with campaign automation. Please be aware of your recipients’ email preferences when using this method.

Happy Marketing!

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