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Setting Up Global Unsubscribe Notifications

Would you, or another member of your team, like to keep tabs on who is unsubscribing from your company’s emails? In this post, I will show you how to send out a notification when someone unsubscribes.

If you are using Subscription Management with ClickDimensions, you can add an email notification Form Action to the Subscription Page Builder to send an email notification to a member of your team when a recipient of your company’s emails changes their Subscription Management settings.

If you would like to set up email notifications for global unsubscribes, you will need to create a workflow. To do so, navigate in CRM to Settings > Processes.

Click New to create a new process in CRM. In the Create Process window, give the workflow a Process Name, then set the Category to Workflow and the Entity to Unsubscribe. Click OK.

Once the Process Information window appears, change the Scope to Organization. Then click Add Step. Select the Create Record step. In the Create drop-down box, select Send ClickDimensions Email. Give the step a description and click Set Properties.

In the Create Send ClickDimensions Email window, select your email template, give the email a subject, set the From Name and From Email, and select a recipient.

Once your email is set up the way you want it, click Save and Close. Be sure to save your workflow on the Process Information screen. Then activate your workflow, and click Close.

Now, whenever someone clicks the unsubscribe link in an email you send out, an email will be sent to notify a member of your team.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Kellany Mathis, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager

About the Author:

Kellany Mathis is a ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager.

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