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The ClickDimensions Customer Onboarding Process, powered by…ClickDimensions and Dynamics CRM

In a recent blog post we highlighted what we like to call “The ClickDimensions Experience.” This is how we deliver our service to our customers after the sale. As we grow as a company and add new customers every day, we are evolving our processes to make this experience not only outstanding, but also consistent and intuitive. Luckily, we have this nifty set of tools called Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions that help us out.

Here’s a summary of the process that we’re putting in place now, and how we make use of CRM and ClickDimensions to accomplish it:


When a new customer signs up, we send a welcome email to the customer’s primary contact or partner. This email was laid out using the ClickDimensions template designer and is sent went the CRM account changes from a prospect to a customer:

This email includes helpful information for transitioning from another vendor and getting CRM ready to connect to the cloud.


Next, we let our customer know how to proceed with getting ClickDimensions installed. We try to anticipate the natural questions that arise after installing the ClickDimensions solution, and include helpful links in the email.


After getting signed up and installing the solution, our customers are usually itching to get started using ClickDimensions. Not only do we provide a bunch of great self-help videos and a 140+ page User Guide, but we also assign our customers a Marketing Success Manager to give them hands-on, personalized training and to share some expertise in marketing. Our “Train” email has the details:


The last step in our process takes place after our customers have completed their training and started using ClickDimensions. At this point, we want to know how things have progressed, and our final onboarding email includes a link to a survey – designed in the ClickDimensions survey designer, natch! – and sent from a Nurture program.

ClickDimensions Email Templates, Nurture Programs and Surveys all working together, driven by data in Dynamics CRM:

Our nurture program sends the final email in the onboarding process for new customers. We like this because knowing if our customers did NOT provide feedback on “The ClickDimensions Experience” is just as important to us as knowing if they did.

The ClickDimensions Nurture Program Builder lets us check to see if they’ve opened the email and clicked through to the survey or not. (This one’s a pretty simple nurture program. For an example of a more complex nurture, take a look at this post.)

We designed the survey using our simple drag-and-drop survey designer:

And here’s the survey the customer sees if they click the link on the last email:

When a process like this is firing on all cylinders, it’s easy to start measuring how well you’re doing and uncovering areas where you need to improve!

About the Author:

Matt Wittemann is a 13-time Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and ClickDimensions' Senior Director, Pre-Sales Consulting.

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