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The power of video customer testimonials

If you are looking for a vehicle to raise your credibility as well as reduce demands for customer references, consider video-taping customer testimonials. It is one thing for a sales person to say a customer is happy, but seeing is believing and videos of your customers talking about your product or service can't be beat. Video testimonials may not be as expensive as you think (<$2,000 per produced video) and they are so much better than just a quote on a web site. By the way have you ever seen a quote on a web site where the full name and company of the person making the quote is not revealed (This product is the best ever – Joe K.)? That is a credibility killer. Don't do it.

By doing video testimonials you will also learn a lot about your customers. First, you'll find out if you actually have customers that are enthusiastic enough to go on camera for you. And, if you get rejected, that will open the conversation as to what you aren't doing well enough to make that customer a raving fan. Either way, you win.

You can see our customer video testimonials at http://www.clickdimensions.com/testimonials/ and embedded below. Happy Marketing!

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