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The Top 5 ClickDimensions Articles Every New Customer Should Read

ClickDimensions Academy is an incredible resource for new and existing customers alike, but we just can’t cover every single detail about using ClickDimensions in these sessions (they’re already about 50 minutes long each!). So here I’ve created a list of must-read articles from our blog and help site for new ClickDimensions customers that want to get the most out of their new marketing software.

5. Using Workflows to Re-Create Form Actions for Form Captures

Form capture functionality is touched on in ClickDimensions Academy: CD201, but it is not covered in-depth during the academy sessions due to its amount of involvement. However, many new customers find that they want to know more about form captures after this brief introduction. If you are one of these customers, I highly recommend reading Using Workflows to Re-Create Form Actions for Form Captures.

4. SPF Records for ClickDimensions

SPF Records for ClickDimensions is probably one of the most important and frequently referenced ClickDimensions help articles due to its priority. This is one of the first (if not THE first) things you should set up when you start using ClickDimensions. Without setting up your SPF records, you may have difficultly sending emails to yourself and other people in your organization through ClickDimensions, which is essential for testing and internal communication. This article is only fourth on this list because this becomes a non-issue if you have the right DNS admin in your organization.

3. FreeMarker Language Demystified

What is FreeMarker? Is it personalization? Dynamic content? Programming? Is this a CRM or a ClickDimensions exclusive function? How do I use it? Test it? Too what extent can I use it? FreeMarker receives a lot of attention, and it’s no surprise as it is a deep, complex and necessary function for email marketing. So if the words “FreeMarker” or “dynamic content” sound ambiguous to you, read FreeMarker Language Demystified. Time is money, and this article will save you so much time in the execution of your marketing strategies.

2. Setup CNAMEs for Email Links and Web Content

Your brand is everything when it comes to your business, so make sure it’s everywhere. A CNAME will allow you to place your company’s name on the emails and links that ClickDimensions sends to your customers. Don’t allow your recipients to become confused by emails from you, but marked “ClickDimensions.” Do this immediately. This function is too invaluable not to be taken advantage of, earning Setup CNAMEs for Email Links and Web Content the number two spot on this must-read articles list.

1. Introduction to Campaign Automation

The ClickDimensions campaign automation builder will broaden your email marketing horizons with decision making, branched pathways based on interactions and triggers, and so much more. You are definitely going to want to use this tool, and this article, Introduction to Campaign Automation, will teach you and your team all you need to know to realize the full potential of this ClickDimensions feature.

Written by Dante Porter, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager

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Dante Porter is a Technical Support Specialist at ClickDimensions.

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