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Top 5 ClickDimensions Articles for Mastering FreeMarker

FreeMarker is one of the most discussed subjects between ClickDimensions customers and their Marketing Success Managers, and for good reason. Utilizing FreeMarker and personalization in your emails is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Since we get so many questions about FreeMarker, I have a list of informative ClickDimensions blog posts and help articles on this topic that I often share with customers. Here is the top-five list of those articles, which are a must-read for understanding the FreeMarker function:

#5 – Personalization

I’m listing our ClickDimensions help article on using personalization in our Drag and Drop email editor as the first entry in this countdown because everyone needs to start somewhere, and this is a great place to learn the basics. While it’s easy to pick up using personalization and FreeMarker in email marketing, things can quickly get fairly complicated as you learn more on the topic. So a solid foundation is absolutely essential, making this article required reading for those seeking to master FreeMarker. If you use the ClickDimensions Block editor, you can find a personalization article for that editor here and one for the Free Style editor here.

#4 – Personalize Email Subject Lines

Once customers have a solid understanding of how to apply FreeMarker in their email templates, they often want to know how else they can use this feature. This next article answers that question and describes a FreeMarker technique that, in my opinion, is often overlooked. The FreeMarker tags that are placed within the email template before being sent can be copied and placed in other parts of an email and still function. This article shows you how to place FreeMarker in your subject lines and preheaders for personalized greetings before your recipients even open an email.

#3 – How to Incorporate Parent Account Personalization

This article shows customers how to pull information from contact or lead parent accounts since FreeMarker cannot directly pull information from a lookup field. Referencing a contact or lead’s company or organization in a professional email is a common practice so you will need this workaround to maximize your personalization capabilities.

#2 – Advanced Dynamic Content – If Statements

This article earns the #2 spot on this top five list due to the sheer amount of information it offers on this subject. Once you understand the referencing process of FreeMarker, its capabilities go far beyond placing personal text fields in an email. FreeMarker can place images in your emails, reveal certain sections of an email to specific types of recipients, change greetings based on geographic location and so much more. This article shows you how to utilize this advanced FreeMarker functionality.

#1 – FreeMarker Language Demystified

This article is hands down the most referenced blog post when discussing FreeMarker with ClickDimensions customers. That’s because, after learning the basics of FreeMarker, customers often want to reference a custom entity using personalization in an email. This blog post does an excellent job of showing customers how to do exactly that while breaking down FreeMarker language as a whole.

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