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Tracking Event Registrants Using Form Submissions

ClickDimensions includes a handy feature called Event Management that allows a user to create a connection between their GoToWebinar or WebEx accounts and automatically have records created within CRM to track the creation of events and registrants for said events. This works well if you are hosting events using the aforementioned services, but what if you are hosting a non-webinar, in-person event?

You can still automatically create event participation records for registrants for your event in this scenario by using forms and a workflow.

Let's say, for example, that you are hosting a company picnic and you want to easily keep track of who plans on attending within CRM. You can begin by creating a registration form using a ClickDimensions form, then link it in an email and send it to your colleagues (if you have not previously made a form, you can find instructions for how to do so on our help site here). Make sure you map any data that you want to add to the Event Participation record onto your lead and/or contact records because we'll be populating the Event Participation record with data that was mapped onto the associated lead or contact by the form submission.

Once the form is created, manually create an Event Record. Then to keep track of registrants, set up a workflow based upon the posted form entity and set it to run when a new record is created. In the workflow, check to see if the posted form is an instance of your picnic registration form, and if it is, add a Create Record step and create an Event Participation record. You also may want to include a brief wait period before creating your Event Participation record to ensure that the data submitted on the form has had time to be mapped onto the lead or contact record.

You can then populate the event participation record with any data mapped to the responder's lead or contact record on the event participation record and associate the record with your Event Record by clicking Set Properties and populating the desired fields.

Activate your workflow, and now whenever somebody signs up for your in-person event using your form, an event participation record will be generated for that person.

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  1. XRMGedro March 24, 2017 at 12:21 pm - Reply

    Is it possible to block submission of forms after a certain number of forms submission in order to limit number of event participant


  2. ClickDimensions March 29, 2017 at 10:03 am - Reply

    Unfortunately, no, it’s not possible to automatically stop submissions once they’ve reached a certain number. To “close” a Form, you would need to go into the Form Designer, remove all of the Form Fields, and possibly include an HTML Component with a message along the lines of “This form is no longer available.” That way, anyone who still has the link to the form will see that message and will not be able to provide any of the previously requested information. Hope that helps!

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