Here at ClickDimensions, we advertise on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing and Twitter along with some niche blogs and sites. It has been interesting to see these platforms develop; mainly in terms of the targeting options and analytics they provide. For example, we blogged when Facebook implemented conversion tracking and we did a post on LinkedIn’s ability to target based on LinkedIn group membership.

When Twitter launched their advertising platform, we immediately saw the possibilities. The platform allowed you to do two main things:

  1. Promote your account to gain more followers
  2. Promote specific tweets so that more people see, and potentially retweet, them

Initially, Twitter’s targeting options were not very deep. However, as of last week, Twitter added the ability to target based on twitter accounts. With this new addition, you can make sure your account or promoted tweets reach people with similar interests to the twitter accounts you choose to target. For an organization like ClickDimensions, this means we can target people who follow twitter accounts that are related to Microsoft CRM. The screen below shows the targeting options for geography and interests.

Targeting options also include device type (i.e. desktop/laptop, iOS, etc.) and user gender. With your targeting in place, you can create new tweets to promote or you can select existing tweets or have twitter automatically select your most engaging tweets. Since our goal at ClickDimensions is to achieve conversions on our web site, we have chosen to promote tweets about our premium content items listed at

We can also elect to promote our account so that we gain more followers…

With the new targeting options we believe that Twitter can be an effective source to drive additional conversions. Happy marketing!