If you run online ads through Twitter, you may have noticed that they have recently added conversion tracking to their ad manager. In beta testing at the end of last year, Twitter’s conversion tracking feature has been rolled out to all advertisers and is available to use with your PPC campaigns. This is great news for marketers – previously, Twitter didn’t provide a way to track conversions, so it was difficult to know the full impact of your promoted tweets.

Essentially, conversion tracking measures and reports when a visitor clicks on a link in your tweet and whether they take action once they have visited your site (by downloading an eBook, buying an item, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.). For example, as we promote our latest eBook, the Training Resource Guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we want to know how many people not only clicked the link in our tweets, but also downloaded a copy of the guide. Let’s see how that works…

One of the things that’s particularly nice about Twitter’s conversion tracking is that they give you a variety of different conversion types that can be measured:

With our different campaigns, we want to track how many people arrive at our landing pages from a tweet (the tags labeled “Site visit”), and how many people convert by downloading the content (the “Download” tags). We track newsletter subscriptions as “Sign ups.”

The “attribution window” allows you to set how much time can pass while still crediting Twitter for the conversion. You can set different windows for post-view and post-engagement. Post-view conversion accounts for when a user views an ad and later converts on your website. Post-engagement contributes any interaction with the ad – URL clicks, retweets, replies, etc. – that later results in a conversion.

All of the conversion information is available for charting through the Twitter campaign dashboard. There is now a third tab called “Conversion metrics” beside the existing “Engagement metrics” and “Spend metrics” tabs.

To read more about Twitter conversion tracking, visit their help center.

Happy marketing!