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Two Options for Effectively Testing your Email Sends

As marketers, it is important to ensure that your carefully-crafted email marketing messages are reaching your recipients. Part of making this happen is ensuring you are properly testing your emails prior to going live and sending to your customers and/or leads. Below are two options for effectively testing your ClickDimensions email sends.

Test Button

Let’s start with the most well-known option in ClickDimensions. ClickDimensions offers a great out-of-the-box testing feature that allows you to specify an email address to send the test version of your template to. This allows you to view how the email will display in a variety of email clients (depending on the test email address(es) provided). In addition to seeing how your template will display, the test email option will also provide you with a SpamAssassin report indicating the spam score of the template being used and a breakdown of the rules that resulted in the score you received. To use this option, follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to Marketing > Email Sends and select +New.

2. Fill out the required information on the email send record.

3. Add a test email address to the Test Emails field.

4. Click the Test button.

Send Button

As you may have noticed in the test email screenshot above, personalization text (FreeMarker) was used to dynamically render specific data in the template (i.e. first name, account owner name). When you use the Test button, the dynamic content you have added to your template will not render. This is because the test email option uses a different method to execute the test send and does not process the FreeMarker text. This is when we suggest using the actual Send button to test the rendering of the dynamic content.

Before using this option, it is important to have a test marketing list created, which contains some contacts (with valid email addresses) created for internal team members. To use this option, follow the instructions below.

1. Navigate to Marketing > Email Sends and Select +New.

2. Fill out the required fields on the email send record.

3. Add your test marketing list in the marketing lists section of the email send record.

4. Select the Send button and approve the email send.

When you receive the test email in your inbox, the dynamic content will be fully rendered and will allow you to see an example of how it will display when received by the customer.

For our customers who like to use advanced dynamic content (custom FreeMarker, if/else statements, custom entities), this option will allow you to review if the dynamic content you used is syntactically correct. If you do not receive the email when using this testing option, this indicates that the FreeMarker used in the template was not syntactically correct and should be re-evaluated for errors. The email events associated with the send will show a render error indicating where the error exists.

Please note that it is important to ensure that you have a valid SPF record with the ClickDimensions include statement added before using either of the test options above.

Happy Marketing!

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