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Understanding Your Email Statistics: Deliveries

We recently wrote about how to understand your email open rates, and thought it would be helpful to provide definitions for some of the other stats ClickDimensions delivers to your CRM. In this post, we’ll cover “Deliveries”.


Counting an Email Send’s deliveries seems like a pretty straightforward concept, right? It is for the most part, but it’s helpful to understand how they work so you know what a delivery means – and what it does NOT mean.


A “delivery” is counted when we get an acknowledgement from an ISP or mail server that they have accepted an email message that has been sent to one of its customers.

The illustration above shows 82 deliveries for an email about Convergence 2013. This does not necessarily mean that the email made it into 82 inboxes. After the ISP acknowledged receiving the email, there are still a number of reasons why an email might not make it into someone’s inbox such as spam filters, a mailbox that is over its size quota, mail server rules, and even in some cases an invalid email address – though in most cases the ISP would have returned an invalid recipient message instead of an acknowledgement of receipt.

In some cases, the ISP or mail server will provide additional information after the delivery acknowledgement if the email can’t make it all the way to the inbox. When we get these types of messages, we record them as Email Events in your CRM. That’s why you might occasionally see something like this:


Here we see that the recipient’s mail server told us the message was delivered, and three seconds later (look at the UTC time) it said that in fact the email couldn’t be delivered because the email address was invalid. A situation like this is an exception rather than the rule, but it happens frequently enough that it’s helpful to be aware of it.

Other Email Statistics

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Happy Marketing!

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Matt Wittemann is a 13-time Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and ClickDimensions' Senior Director, Pre-Sales Consulting.


  1. Martin December 3, 2018 at 10:19 pm - Reply

    Hi I’m getting stats showing email deliveries of about 1500 for a marketing list that contained only 900 people – how is this possible?

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