SMS is one of the fastest marketing channels available today. With no spam or other email filters to contend with, messages arrive on mobile devices within a few seconds of when you hit send. And when they arrive, SMS messages enjoy rapid and high open rates, making them an especially good fit for time-sensitive information.

In a previous blog post, we discussed how ClickDimensions can drive fan engagement and create a unique experience by gathering fan data through a ClickDimensions form and then leveraging that data to tailor their experience. We collected fans’ preferences on their favorite players, ticket packages and whether they would like to receive email or text updates. At the time in ClickDimensions, there was only a global opt out for text messaging, which left fans either receiving all or none of our team’s notifications.

With the new features released with opt-in subscription management, your leads and contacts can now select which notifications they would like to receive from you. Just like with email preferences, you can use a ClickDimensions campaign automation to automatically manage SMS preferences. Using our sports example once again, this will allow you to stay in touch with fans before, during and after the game with top-of-mind text message updates.

To get started, first create the different subscription lists that that will be used on your subscription management page. Each subscription list should represent a topic that you are offering your fans.

With the new SMS feature, you can now designate a subscription channel for the list. In this instance, we will set the channel to SMS.

Next, create your subscription management page. This page will allow your fans to opt in or opt out of the different subscription lists you have created. There is even the ability to add a global unsubscribe option, like email. Also, be sure to leverage the new phone component to collect mobile numbers, which will ensure preferences associate to the correct lead or contact record in your CRM.

Finally, you will want to set up a process to manage these preferences, and campaign automation is a quick and easy way to do that. Start with a Submitted Subscription trigger as an entry point for the campaign automation. This trigger will check for submissions from the subscription management page you built earlier.

Next, add a series for each subscription list included on the subscription management page. You will need to add two series for each list, and add an Add to List action or Remove from List action to each series. (It’s good practice to change the Display Name for each series to correlate to the appropriate subscription list and actions.) By connecting the Submitted Subscription trigger to each series, a decision node will be created. In the decision node, you can configure clauses to sort leads and contacts to the appropriate series of actions.

When you have completed adding all the series, actions and clauses for each subscription list, you can then publish your campaign automation. Now, going forward, anyone who submits their preferences will be automatically added or removed from the corresponding marketing list.

To drive engagement, be sure to add this link for your new subscription management page to the footer of your emails. That way, you give your subscribers the option to receive different notifications from your organization.

You can also embed your subscription management page into a landing page or onto your website (as a widget or iFrame) to collect even more subscribers.

Now, you can send your fans the text messages they want most on game day!

Happy Marketing!