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How to Use Forms and Dynamic Marketing Lists for Subscription Management

The ClickDimensions help site offers two ways to update marketing lists when subscription preferences are submitted: with an action or with a workflow. But if you exclusively use dynamic marketing lists, you wouldn’t necessarily need to manage your data in this way because dynamic marketing lists don’t actually contain members – instead, they perform a query in real-time to build a list of recipients based on set criteria.

In these cases, a handful of custom fields on the lead and/or contact records and a quick form will take care of all your subscription management needs. This will also allow you to easily see what content types a lead or contact has opted into and out of. I have also recommended this method to customers who want to reverse the standard behavior of subscription management – i.e., a checkbox means the recipient opts out instead of opts in. The steps to achieve this are as follows:

  1. Create custom fields on the lead and/or contact record that reference your marketing type – newsletter, promotions, updates, etc.
  2. Build your dynamic marketing lists with queries that use those fields as your criteria.
  3. Build a form that maps to those fields.

You will notice that this doesn’t cover an option to unsubscribe completely from your marketing communications, so your email sends will be required to include the global unsubscribe code snippet.

Step 1: Create custom fields.

First, you will need to open the form editor and create custom fields for each of your communication types (newsletters, promotions, updates, etc.).

Create a new field with a Data Type of Two Options. I have named mine Newsletters and changed the yes/no to in/out. You can also set your default value here.

Once you have your desired settings, save the new field and click Publish on the form editor. Your new field should appear in the left sidebar, Field Explorer. Drag it on to your contact form canvas in an appropriate place. I put mine under Contact Preferences.

Note: If you are using both contacts and leads, you will need to follow these steps for both record forms.

Step 2: Build dynamic marketing lists.

Navigate to the marketing lists entity and create a new one where Type = Dynamic. I would recommend naming it something related to your communication type. Here, I have named mine Newsletters, in keeping with the custom field I created in Step 1.

Then click Manage Members to set your criteria as shown below:

Note: Again, if you are using both contacts and leads, you will need to create dynamic marketing lists for both types.

Step 3: Build a form that maps to your new contact preference fields.

Be sure to publish your metadata first. You can do this by going to Settings > ClickDimensions Settings > Metadata. It’s important to note that this can take up to 24 hours to update.

Then, create new form fields (checkboxes) and a new ClickDimensions web content record where Type = Form. Drag your new fields for your communication types onto the form. You can add HMTL components to style the form per your company/brand, but don’t forget to add an email component (and make it required!).

Once this form is set up with the correct mapping, it should update the fields on your lead and contact records that are being used in your dynamic marketing list query, which will keep your lists organized according to your audience’s preferences. You can then link to the form in the footer of your emails. Be sure to include the global unsubscribe code snippet as well.

Happy Marketing!

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