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Using a Workflow to Add Leads to a Marketing List and Run Through a Nurture Program

NurtureWorkflowNurture programs are a great way to further evaluate leads, especially when you combine them with lead scoring. By utilizing workflows, you can automatically add a lead to a marketing list that is attached to a nurture program when the person reaches a certain lead score.

In order to set this up, you will create a static lead marketing list and attach it to a nurture program. In our example, the marketing list is called “Lead Score Marketing List.” You will also want to set up a field that asks if the lead has already been added to the marketing list. Below, we have called the field “Has Lead been added to Lead Score Marketing List?” and the default value is set to no.

Has Lead been Added to Marketing List Field
Now you are ready to create your workflow.

First, set up your workflow to run on the lead entity whenever the record fields change. Then click on “select” and choose the field for the lead score. Whenever this field changes, the workflow will run.

Your first step of the workflow will be a check condition that checks if the lead score is greater than the score you want a lead to reach before they are added to the marketing list (in our example it is 200). You will also check if the field you created that asks if the lead is a member of your marketing list is set to No.

Check Condition Step for Workflow

Workflow Check Condition Step

If both of these things are true, then you will want to add an “update marketing list members” step.

Add to Marketing List step for Workflow

Click on “set properties” and make sure you add the lead to the correct marketing list you created.

The last thing you want to do is update the field on the lead record to show that the lead has been added to the marketing list. This will ensure that when their lead score changes again, they won’t be added to the marketing list a second time if your nurture program removes them from the marketing list.

Update Lead Record Workflow Step

Now you can activate your workflow and your leads will be run through a nurture as soon as they hit a certain lead score.

Happy Marketing!

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Julie Patrick is Manager, Product Consulting at ClickDimensions.

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