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Using LinkedIn ads to target group members

Last week LinkedIn made a change to their ad platform to allow targeting by group membership. Yes, that is right, targeting by group membership. Think about what that means. The LinkedIn advertising platform (LinkedIn Ads) has always been interesting but this takes it to another level. Previously you could target based on geography, company, job title, gender and age. That was OK but, if you're like me and you want to target everyone with a specific interest in Microsoft CRM, how did you do it? You had to guess.

Now, you can go in and find all the groups related to Microsoft CRM and choose them as targets. Below are the target groups I select (I also filter on certain geographies base on where I know Microsoft CRM sells the best)…

It is hard to imagine that anyone would join one of these groups if they didn't have an involvement in Microsoft CRM. So, the traffic is bound to be relevant.

But, how do I know if the traffic is relevant? I simply place unique URLs in my ads (see my post on online ad tracking for more detail on how to do this) and then, using the ClickDimensions marketing solution, query which visits come from those URLs. The entry page field on the ClickDimensions visit record contains the 'go to' URL from my ad and the 'go to' URL contains a unique parameter I place at the end. I can then easily eyeball the visit scores, durations and number of page views to see if these visitors from my LinkedIn ads are staying on my site.

Further, since I like to have multiple ad variations (which I let LinkedIn rotate), I can number each of them and then see which ones lead to the most engaged visits on my site.

So, the combination of better targeting capabilities from LinkedIn and end to end tracking from ClickDimensions means you can clearly evaluate what is working and what is not.

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