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Using Subscription Pages to Manage Non-Email Forms of Communication

Everyone understands the benefits of using subscription pages to manage email communications, but what if you use multiple forms of communication with customers, such as print mail or phone calls? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could update those communication preferences using your subscription page? Well, with a workflow, this is possible!

This article will explain how you can ask customers on your subscription page if they would like to receive phone calls or print mail from your company and then those preferences will update the Contact Preference fields on lead or contact records shown below.


First, you will need to create subscription lists for each type of communication you would like people to opt in or out of. You can create a subscription list for Phone Calls, Faxes, Mail, etc. Then you will add these subscription lists to your subscription page.


People can now fill out your subscription page and opt in or out of phone calls and print mail communication. Now we can build the workflow which will take these preferences and update the Mail and Phone fields under Contact Preferences on our lead and contact records (Note: you could also do this for the Newsletter or Fax fields or any customer contact field you’ve created).

Make sure the workflow is set up to run when a subscription preference is created and the scope is set to Organization.


Then you will want to add in a check condition to see if the subscription preference’s associated subscription list equals Print Mail.


Then you’ll want to add a check condition to see if the preference is in.


If the subscription preference associated subscription list equals Print Mail and the preference is In, then you will want to add a step to the workflow to update the contact record. Then click on Set Properties and edit the Mail field to change to allow.


If the preference for the Print Mail Subscription Preference is Out, you will add a step to update the contact record and then in Set Properties you will edit the Mail field to change to do not allow.


Next, you will want to add steps to recreate this process for your phone field (or your fax or Newsletter field). Your final workflow will look like this:


Now your contact records will be updated with the correct contact preferences for all forms of communication after someone fills out your subscription page.

Written by Julie Patrick, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager

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Julie Patrick is Manager, Product Consulting at ClickDimensions.

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