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Using Suppression Lists to Let Your Contacts Decide Email Frequency

Have you ever noticed that some businesses ask you how often you want to be emailed? It’s a great way to allow people to limit the number of emails they receive instead of getting frustrated by the frequency of emails and resorting to unsubscribing entirely. The good news is that you can quickly set this up using ClickDimensions.

We will use a subscription page, form and dynamic marketing list. And you will set up a custom field on the contact/lead record to hold a value from your form submission. In my example here, I’m going to use the contact record, but you could certainly replicate this on a lead record.

To begin, you will need to create a subscription page and have it redirect to a form upon submission. That process is described here, so we will skip those steps and begin with setting up our custom field.

Step 1: Adding a Custom Field

We will start by adding the custom field because the later steps in this process will rely on the value being stored in our custom field. So, open any contact record in your CRM, click on the ellipses menu and select Form (or Form Editor).

Click New Field and then start setting up your custom field. In our example, we’re going to create an Option Set field (see settings below) so that our subscribers can choose to receive emails on a monthly or weekly basis.

Once the field is set up, save and close it. Then back on the Form Editor window, add your new field to the contact form by dragging it from the right sidebar onto the form. I added our field to the Contact Preferences section so I could keep this similar information together.

Save and publish the form. Our new field is now available on the contact record.

Don’t forget to publish metadata so that your field is completely ready for the next step.

Step 2: Creating the Form

Next, we will need to set up our form. Basically, this form is going to ask subscribers how often they want to receive our emails. They will fill out the subscription page to opt in or opt out of our subscription lists. Then when they submit the subscription page, they will be directed to this form.

For our form, I’m simply going to include an email field and then a list field that will map back to our custom field from Step 1 above.

Note: You can include other fields or components on your form. For example, I added an HTML component so that we can tell our subscribers the purpose of this form.

The mapping for the list field should be set to Override in CRM and should map back to the custom field we set up in Step 1. Because that custom field is an option set, you will see the corresponding options pulled through into your form field. Don’t change the value for the options at all; altering that could break the mapping of the field.

The only value that should be changed is in the Contact Picklist Value dropdown; we need to set the value in that dropdown list to the corresponding option from the field on the contact record. In the screenshot below, you can see that the form field’s Monthly option has the corresponding Monthly value chosen in the Contact Picklist Value dropdown. That is a correct mapping.

Step 3—Setting up the Suppression List

Any marketing list can be used as a suppression list, so we’re going to set up a dynamic marketing list to function as our suppression list.

Go to Marketing > Marketing Lists to create the new marketing list. When setting it up, set its type to Dynamic.

Once the new list is saved, click on Manage Members. Since we are working with a dynamic list, this will open a window that allows us to set the criteria that should be used when the list queries for contacts.

In that window, set the criteria shown below. In the following screenshot, I’m showing how we can set up the suppression list for the monthly subscribers, so if you are using a different timeframe, you would need to alter the criteria accordingly.

Based on the criteria shown above, this list is going to pull any contact who has a) selected the Monthly option in our Newsletter field, and b) already received an email this month. To save the criteria, click the Use Query button.

Our suppression list is all set to use.

Step 4: Using the Suppression List

Now on any email send, we can add our monthly subscribers suppression list. On the send record, click the related menu, select suppression lists and add our monthly list as shown below.

When the email is sent, any contact who fits the criteria for that suppression list will not be included on the send.

You can follow these steps for other timeframes or suppression reasons that you may have.

Happy Marketing!

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