Campaign automations are an effective way to streamline a variety of marketing actions, and are especially powerful and useful when combined with native CRM functionality. By using workflows, you can monitor changes to contact and lead records and automatically add someone to a marketing list. This is a great way to automatically add people to a campaign automation. By combining these processes, you will save a lot of legwork and you don’t have to monitor your contacts as closely.

To begin, let’s use an example where a business has different service packages or levels. The options for these service levels are silver, gold and platinum. The business has a field that denotes which service level the contact or lead has, and it is updated by accounting when a payment is processed.

Under these conditions, the first step you will want to take is to create static marketing lists for each one of your service levels.

Next, set up your workflow to run on the lead or contact entity whenever the record fields change. Then click on Select and choose the field for service level. Whenever this field changes, the workflow will run.

Your first step of the workflow will be a check condition that checks if the Service Level field equals Gold.

If this is true, then you will want to add a step and select Update Marketing List Members to use the ClickDimensions workflow assembly. You can find more information on that workflow assembly found here.

Repeat those same steps for the other options of the field, Silver and Platinum. Then, activate your workflow.

Once you have your workflow created, create a campaign automation and use the Added to List trigger as the entry point so that everyone added to the campaign automation will go down a different path. You can accomplish this by using multiple Add to List triggers for all the different marketing lists that you created earlier. In this example, I have created three paths so that the marketing list the contact is added to will dictate what welcome email the contact will receive.

Now that you have this process set up, anytime you update the Service Level field on your contact or lead record, they will then be added to a marketing list and will be put into a campaign automation. You can also use the custom fields to remove people from the campaign automation which is explained into further detail here.

Happy Marketing!