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Utilizing a Midway Entry Point in a Campaign Automation

If you’re a regular user of the ClickDimensions campaign automation builder, you’re probably pretty familiar with campaign automation entry points. If you aren’t, you can read all about how to choose a campaign automation entry point here. But what if you want to bring people in mid-way through your automated campaign?

In this blog post, we will look at an example scenario where a company is holding a networking event and will be using the ClickDimensions Eventbrite connector to record registration and attendance in CRM through event participation records. The campaign automation starts with an Added to List trigger that includes a list of contacts who regularly attend events. However, we do not want to add just anyone to the list as it has been compiled based on attendance frequency. To preserve the list for future use, the campaign automation requires a secondary entry point. This second entry point also allows sales reps to invite contacts on the fly to the event that don’t regularly attend or anyone who may become a new lead after the initial email has been sent out.

The campaign automation will send participants an email that includes a link to register for the event. The campaign automation will check to see if people have registered for the event or not.

Start of the Campaign Automation

Again, in this scenario, the company has sales people who want to invite individuals to the event after the initial email has been sent. To accommodate this, but not include the new invitees on the marketing list, we’ve leveraged a Manual Add trigger after the first email invitation has been sent and after the first check to see if anyone has registered. Sales reps will be able to manually add leads or contacts to the campaign automation from the respective record in CRM, which will place the lead or contact in the campaign automation and send them an email invitation.

Midway through the Campaign Automation

Once a participant has been manually added to the campaign automation, we have leveraged a Date Timer to ensure that they will receive their first invitation a week before the event – at the same time the second email invitation goes to original group of those yet to register. Then we will check again to see if anyone has registered for the event.

End of the Campaign Automation

If at any point in this campaign automation, participants register for the event, they will hit a Date Timer controlling a follow up email to remind them of the upcoming event. But, if participants are not able to attend after receiving the invitations, they will enter a separate Date Timer to be sent a follow up email saying they will be missed at the event.

In the campaign automation statistics, you will be able to view how many participants were added by the sales reps and how many people in total attended the event.


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