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What to do About Spam Form Submissions

To help prevent spam form submissions, the ClickDimensions form builder offers a CAPTCHA component that can be included on all forms. In addition, all ClickDimensions forms have an added layer of security through a code that creates an empty hidden field on your form. Humans won’t notice it, but bots will. When bots try to fill out the empty field, we will reject the submission.

Although ClickDimensions has this extra layer of security to protect your forms from spam submissions, you should know what to do if you notice spam posted form records.

Your immediate thought may be to instantly delete the web content record for the form, and then rid your CRM of all of the spam submissions. Because we host the form, deleting the web content record itself will not remove the form if it is embedded on your website or within an email. Prior to deleting the web content record and removing all spam submissions, the form should be made inactive. The form can be made inactive through two options:

1. Hide the form’s Submit button, so form entries can no longer be submitted.

2. Hide the form using JavaScript, display a message to convey that the form is no longer in use and provide an alternate link where they can navigate.

If you remove the web content record from your CRM prior to making the form inactive, you will not be able to access the form to make it inactive. So, users will still be able to access the form online, which means more spam submissions.

Once you have made the form inactive, you can now begin to make adjustments within your CRM to prevent further posted form records from being created. If you know the domain or IP address that creates these records, you can filter it out with these records. Using the filter feature will not only display posted form records from this IP address or domain, but also page views and visits. You can access the IP address for the form submissions by navigating to the posted form records for the spam submissions and selecting the visit record.

Click visit record

The visit record contains data about the location of the visit, specifically the IP address.

Get IP address

You can assign the record a name such as Spam Submissions, then select IP Address as the type and input the IP address as the value. If you’re filtering out a domain, you will want to remove the beginning “http://” or “www.” and just have the domain name. For example, “google.com.” Once you save, any web tracking data created by the address in the filter will automatically not be displayed.

Now that the form is inactive, and you have filtered the IP address, you can delete away! When removing the posted form records from your CRM, you can search for the name of your posted form record and then bulk delete the posted form records.

Search for form

Bulk delete form records

If the spam submissions occurred during a certain time period, for example the past week, you can use the filter tool on the table to filter by the Created On date for the posted form record.

Filter by created on date

Filter by this week

When the view displays the posted form records created within the past week, you can use the bulk delete feature as mentioned above to remove the records from your CRM. Now you can say goodbye to spam!

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Shekinah Harper is a ClickDimensions Onboarding Specialist.

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