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What’s New with ClickDimensions Academy?

ClickDimensions Academy is a long-running series of free webinars that we have offered as a training resource for ClickDimensions partners and customers. Until recently, the registration for these webinars, as well as recordings of the live sessions, have been hosted on our help site, help.clickdimensions.com. This was functional, but because all event registrations had to be approved manually and recordings were accessible only via the use of a password, it could occasionally take some time for users to access the content they wanted.

We have now streamlined this process by moving the webinar registrations and recordings into our new eLearning portal, academy.clickdimensions.com. Since the eLearning portal is only accessible to active customers and partners, registrations for live sessions are now approved automatically and recordings are accessible without the use of a password. This means that all the Academy content can now be accessed more quickly than was previously possible.

For anybody new to the eLearning portal, or just accustomed to the old set-up for the ClickDimensions Academy, the following information covers how to get into the eLearning portal and where to find the Academy content.

How do I get into the eLearning portal?

The eLearning portal can be accessed at academy.clickdimensions.com. The first time you attempt to log in, you will need to provide an enrollment key that is used to associate you with an existing customer or partner account. For any subsequent logins, you will only need a username and password.

The enrollment key can be obtained through one of the following methods:

Where can I find the ClickDimensions Academy webinars and recordings?

Once logged into the eLearning portal, you will see the home page. From the home page, ClickDimensions Academy webinar registrations can be accessed through one of two methods:

  1. Click on the large Academy Webinars banner image.

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Webinars.

Similarly, the Academy webinar recordings can be accessed through two methods:

  1. Wait for the banner image on the home page to update to Recorded Webinars, then click on it.

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Webinars > Recorded Webinars.

Now that you know where to find the ClickDimensions Academy, feel free to join us in a live session or sit back and enjoy the recordings at your own pace.

Happy training!

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Rhys Saraceni is a Training Developer at ClickDimensions.

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