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Which Web Content Embed Option is Right for Me?

ClickDimensions provides customers with tools to create forms, surveys, subscription management pages and landing pages. Together, we refer to these as web content records. Since these records are intended to be accessed either from within a website or through a link in an email, our solution offers several different embedding options to allow for multiple methods to access the content: link, custom URL, iframe and widget.

To get a better idea of what each embed option is used for:

  • The link embed option generates a link that can be used to access the web content as a standalone record.
  • The custom URL embed option also opens a standalone instance of the record, but allows the user to customize the URL to make it more legible or visually appealing.
  • The iframe and widget embed options both allow the user to embed the web content record within another web page.

Beyond these general descriptions, our users sometimes ask for clarification on more specific differences in the functionality of the embed options, such as how they handle redirects upon submission and how they each handle styling. The following table provides a simple visual resource that will help users determine which web content record embed option is best for them:

Embed Option


Custom URL



Displays as standalone record

Displays on user-specified webpage

Customize record URL

Takes on CSS of parent webpage

Redirect only in frame on submission

Redirects whole page on submission

Uses JavaScript

Can be prepopulated via profile management

Available for forms

Available for surveys

Available for subscription pages

Available for landing pages

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About the Author:

Rhys Saraceni is a Training Developer at ClickDimensions.

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