Ready to up your marketing game? Of course you are! With so many tactics, technologies and channels available to marketers today, it feels like we are constantly challenged to level up our marketing. But that ever-present push to better our efforts doesn’t always align with our budgets. Fortunately, there are plenty of free and low-cost resources that can add value to your marketing. The 11 tools below – ranging from free stock photography to video creation – while very different can all advance your marketing in different ways.

  1. Scribd: Scribd is the largest social publishing and reading site in the world. You can upload eBooks, presentations and more to help expand the audience for your content. In addition, Scribd is a great place to learn about marketing and other topics that you find of interest.
  2. Google Trends: Interested in the top search queries across Google Search? Find what keywords are trending based on geography and time frame to see what your customers are searching for and learn where your brand fits in. The tool also provides related topics and search terms to help you see how various searches fit together.
  3. Poll Everywhere: Let’s say you’re hosting a big meeting and you want to capture feedback from your audience without disrupting the flow of the meeting with endless discussions and inevitable tangents. Poll Everywhere is the perfect solution. It allows you to obtain and share live interactive audience participation using polls, Q&A, smartphone web voting and more. Both free and paid options are available.
  4. Emoji Clipboard: Emojis boost engagement, but with an ever-growing emoji alphabet, it can be difficult to keep up and keep track of specific meanings. Emoji Clipboard allows you to easily search a keyword and find the perfect emoji for your social post or email subject line.
  5. Animoto: If you have avoided video marketing because of the complexity, wait no more. Animoto allows you to make high-quality videos quickly and easily with no video editing experience necessary. While there isn’t a free account option, you can take their Professional version for a spin at no charge for 14 days – long enough to determine if the tool is a good fit for your needs.
  6. YouTube Audio Library: Did you know that YouTube offers free music and sound effects for your videos? There are options to suit every style of project, which can save you big on licensing fees. You can also check copyright policies of music you may already be using.
  7. Unsplash: Stock photography is an often necessary, but expensive, part of marketing. While free stock photography sites abound, the quality of the images found on such sites is questionable. Fortunately, there’s Unsplash. This site offers a wide variety of free high-resolution stock photos that you will actually want to use in your marketing.
  8. Fiverr: If you are a small marketing team or even working solo, you might need some help from time to time. Fiverr is a great place to seek assistance, quickly and easily. There are hundreds of freelancers in their database for logo design, illustration, content creation, voice overs and more.
  9. Caption Any Photo: Coming up with photo captions can sometimes be the hardest part of social posting. This free and user-friendly app (currently only available for iOS, but coming soon for Android users) provides access to thousands of photo captions which can be chosen from different categories, making captioning a breeze. You can even create your own captions to add to the app.
  10. All Hashtag: Hashtags can help you expand the audience for your social posts, but sometimes you get stuck in a hashtag rut. All Hashtag can help you expand your hashtags horizons. Simply type in a keyword and this free tool will generate a wide variety of new hashtag ideas for you to incorporate into your posts.
  11. Canva: With both free and low-cost plan options, Canva is a great tool for marketing teams that don’t have the budget for more expensive design software. In addition to its affordability, Canva’s drag-and-drop layouts allow you to easily design everything from logos to presentations to social media graphics.

You don’t need to utilize every resource listed here but choosing even one or two of these tools can help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Happy Marketing!