Utilizing Google AdWords remarketing display ads can prove to be very beneficial to your business. Not only does it give you the opportunity to target the users who were specifically on your website browsing for information, it allows you to target those users based off their behavior on your site so you can persuade them to convert. This handy tool can be very effective if you are looking to increase your conversions and decrease the amount of people that bounce off your website. But, if you are not careful, this tool can also be tricky. Without a strategy, you can easily blow your budget by targeting any end user that visits your site. Below are three tips to make sure that Google remarketing ads are working for you:

1. Visually engaging graphics. Creating visually engaging content and graphics is very important when you are trying to get users to convert. Let’s be honest; if you were the end user, you would expect to be wowed by the graphics in a remarketing campaign. Something so engaging that it would catch your attention while you are browsing another website, whether that’s a catchy GIF of a cat playing with yarn or a photo that is simple and aesthetically pleasing. Either way, creating something eye-catching is a must so that you grab your audience’s attention, keep it and entice them to click.

2. Niche targeted audience. Creating a niche targeted audience that connects with your remarketing display ads will help you to choose individuals who are more likely to convert. Utilizing Google Analytics allows you to target behaviors. Whether you want to target someone who has been lingering on the pricing page or an individual who has viewed a specific video one or more times, Google Analytics allows you to go deep into the behavior, create an audience and attach it to your Google AdWords remarketing display ads. By crafting a niche audience, you are ensuring that you are only remarketing those individuals who are more likely to convert than someone who just landed on your website by mistake and bounced right off.

3. Conversion-centric landing page. Aside from creating visually engaging graphics and a niche targeted audience that is more likely to convert, it is very important that you give people a way to convert once you have snagged them. That is through a conversion-centric landing page. Connect your AdWords campaign to a landing page that is aesthetically pleasing, but also has the “goods” you need to grab information from your audience. Whether that is a form field where they supply their email address for a newsletter or a longer form asking for information to download the latest eBook, requiring an action on the landing page will allow you the opportunity to snag that end user and persuade them to convert. You lost them the first time on your website, so make sure the second time counts!

These simple tips can bring the conversion rate of your remarketing display ads up by 30 percent or more! By targeting the right user with the right content and directing them to a landing page that is both visually engaging and conversion-focused, you will not only save money, but also bring in more money.

Happy Marketing!