Social advocacy is a must today when searching for new ways to advance your organization. In case you aren’t familiar, social advocacy allows companies to amplify their social marketing reach by providing a platform for their employees to quickly and easily share the company’s social media posts with their own individual networks. It can also include an element of gamification to encourage employee participation. In addition to extending brand reach, engaging in social advocacy also increases employee satisfaction, strengthens company-customer relationships and helps achieve organizational goals. There are also three ways that social advocacy can amplify sales.

1. Becoming an industry thought leader through content sharing. Sharing thought-provoking content that is applicable to your target market can trigger wider engagement with a previously untapped audience and generate new leads. Word-of-mouth marketing has become extremely efficient with social media, especially when a large group of employees can quickly share from their own social platforms to reach a vast audience. Rich content that is consistent, helpful, provides tips or tricks, or general industry topics related to current events can build credibility and attracts people who want to know more, which in turn, attracts qualified leads.

2. Building familiarity and relationships. Through strategically targeted social content, your company can draw in related business opportunities, leads, customers and/or partners to build meaningful relationships through social media. This authenticity and trust is developed through direct one-on-one communication with people who participate in discussions related to your content. You have direct access to respond accordingly, quickly and educationally. Old school marketing meant touching many people at once, but with social interaction your marketing is elevated to the next level and even humanized for little to a fraction of the cost. Not only can you let your audiences know what’s going on with your business, but you also gain key insights as to what is going on with them. Learning who attends what events or conferences, possible pain points they experience, product updates, news from press releases; all which makes it easier to have those sales conversations when the time comes. Best of all, these efforts are only amplified by your employee social advocates.

3. Embracing your employees to embrace the brand. Transforming employees into advocates for your company builds your business from within. If you motivate your employees, and get them excited about becoming involved across your social platforms, that energy will translate to each sector of your business. Showcasing events employees attended as speakers or highlighting employee contributions such as blog articles or press mentions are a few ways to actively engage your team and make them the star of the show. Social advocacy helps empower your employees to know that their contribution to support the company makes a difference.

Bringing social advocacy to the forefront of your business should be an ongoing priority. As an underutilized sales tool, it could be a powerful channel for enhancing your company’s reputation with key stakeholders.

Happy Marketing!