The start of a new year is a perfect time to reevaluate and update many marketing practices and processes, including subscription management. In case you aren’t familiar with it already, subscription management allows email subscribers to choose which emails they receive from an organization by allowing them to opt in to some types of messages while opting out of receiving others, thus reducing global unsubscribes. As you can see in the example for a professional association below, the subscription management page allows members to select the kinds of emails they want to receive from the organization.

Here are a few considerations to ensure that this important part of your email marketing is the most effective it can be:

1. How are opt-ins being handled? Are opt-ins being handled via the Action step in your subscription management page builder or via a CRM workflow? Could you have a more efficient set up for this process? How opt-ins are handled plays a major role in how marketing lists are organized within your CRM. Some users prefer the ease of using the Action step within the subscription management page builder, but others prefer a more automated approach to keeping their marketing lists tidy with a workflow.

2. Are your subscription lists current for your marketing needs? Think of each subscription list as a “topic” to categorize the types of emails being sent to the marketing list(s) associated with each subscription list. If you are incorporating a new type of email to send your readers, create a special subscription list and allow your readers to opt-in to access that exclusive email content. For example, if you have a thought leadership campaign you are planning, create a subscription list and marketing lists dedicated to that thought leadership campaign, and allow readers to opt in. Be sure to differentiate this campaign from other types of emails that you would normally send (i.e. newsletters, events, transaction emails).

3. Does your subscription management page need an update? Try accessing the subscription management page from the different places your readers might see it (linked in an email, embedded on a web page or landing page). Is the look and feel of the page cohesive with the rest of your branding? Does the intended behavior occur when you fill out the form and submit your preferences? Is your confirmation text correct? If you are redirecting your subscribers, is the URL still correct? Be critical and try to evaluate every facet of your subscription management process.

4. Are you incorporating suppression lists in your email sends? This is a great feature that was launched in our November 2016 release. It allows users to continue to use original marketing lists and not send emails to members on both the original marketing list and a suppression list (or lists) included in the same email send. Click here to see an example in a previous blog post. Note: This feature is available in ClickDimensions version 8.2.0 or newer; click here for more information on how to get the latest version!