We’re big fans of webinars here at ClickDimensions. We host a weekly webinar that showcases our marketing automation solution while also discussing marketing tips and best practices, our training team offers a number of webinar training sessions each week as part of ClickDimensions Academy, and we regularly team up with our partners to offer informative webinars about a variety of marketing hot topics – just to name a few of our webinar endeavors.

From marketing to training to customer engagement, webinars allow us to accomplish many different business goals. But how do we ensure that we are getting the most out of each event and achieving webinar success? Here are four of our essential tips:

  1. Select a compelling topic. What questions do your customers or prospects often ask? How can your potential webinar attendees do something better or more efficiently? What’s new in your business or industry? Answering those questions can often help you brainstorm a compelling topic for your next webinar. Once you have a topic selected, make sure to tailor it to your target audience. If your company sells to small business owners, for example, think about whether you would like to target new or seasoned small business owners, or a combination of the two. This can help you further refine your topic and make it more appealing to your selected audience.
  2. Choose the right day and time. Over the years, there have been numerous studies and surveys on the best day to hold a webinar. While they vary somewhat in their specific findings, they do all tend to agree that Mondays and Fridays are the worst days for webinars. Many of those studies also agree that webinars on Wednesdays and Thursdays have the highest attendance rates. While these days of the week may also work best for your webinar, be sure to consider your audience and industry and whether a different day might be a better choice. Picking a time of day may be trickier than deciding a day of the week, depending on where your audience is located. For a local audience, give or take a time zone or two, 11 am is often an ideal time for many attendees. If you have more of a global audience, consider offering your webinar multiple times and different times of the day to accommodate people across a broader range of time zones.
  3. Spread the word. How successful can a webinar really be if no one attends? That’s why it’s important to promote your webinar in as many ways as makes sense for your audience. Think about their relationship to your company and their preferred methods of communication, and then plan your promotion strategy from there. If you already have your desired attendees’ information in CRM, email marketing is an ideal way to garner webinar registrations. You could also include webinar invitations as part of a thought leadership, lead nurturing or other campaign automation. If you want to use a webinar to generate leads, social media posts or online advertising would be perfect for promoting your event. To maximize the effectiveness of your webinar promotions, combine these communication methods and be creative – you could, for example, create a short video as a trailer of sorts for the webinar.
  4. Utilize technology. Event technology can help increase event attendance by 20 percent and decrease costs by 30 percent, according to Frost & Sullivan. Technology can also help you better track attendance and registrations. ClickDimensions’ integrations with WebEx and GoToWebinar bring registration and attendee information directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365. This allows you to easily track, all in one place, which leads or contacts are registering for or attending your events for overall greater event insights and success.

Happy Marketing!