Did you just blink? If so, you likely missed something on social media. While social media platforms certainly aren’t new, they are still rapidly changing. While LinkedIn stands out from other social platforms with its business and professional focus, it is no exception when it comes to changes. Here are four recent feature updates you will want to utilize to help boost your organization’s presence on LinkedIn:

1. Content Suggestions. If you are not already engaged in content curation, LinkedIn’s new Content Suggestions feature will make it much easier for you to participate. One of your most valuable assets to better communicate with your audience on social media is being able to share the right content to create better conversations, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to find that content. The LinkedIn Content Suggestions feature allows you to use key words to surface the content that is trending among that particular topic. This is a great feature to help businesses boost their content curation efforts quickly and easily.

2. Relaunched company pages. LinkedIn has introduced upgraded company pages to make it easier for brands to connect with their audiences and foster better conversations. Here are some of my favorite highlights from the new company pages experience:

  • Page Community Managers, also known as Admins, can associate their page with relative hashtags and listen in to current trending topics in their industry. In similar fashion to Twitter, using hashtags on your posts will allow people searching a specific hashtag to see your post in their newsfeed.
  • Admins can share updates and public posts from others who have mentioned your company, directly from the company page.
  • The option to share attachments like Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or PDFs.









3. LinkedIn mobile app. LinkedIn recognizes that engaging with your company’s followers doesn’t always end when you shut down your laptop. That’s why it’s exciting that Admins now have the ability to work on the go! The LinkedIn mobile app is available for responses, updates and messaging for iOS and Android users. You can also edit your company profile within the app, which is helpful when you need to make a quick change like an address or phone number update.

4. LinkedIn Reactions. Feeling limited by just liking posts on LinkedIn? There are new ways to express your thoughts. LinkedIn offers a new set of Reactions. Celebrate, Love, Insightful and Curious are the feelings in the expanded repertoire of reactions. This thoughtful approach humanizes the online connections we make every day and can leave a lasting impact. Begin expressing yourself!

Happy Marketing!