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4 Tips for Consistent Content Creation

You are on a roll! You just finished creating a successful new eBook, your team has been churning out blog posts on a regular basis, your monthly newsletter is more popular than ever and you even have a new infographic that is getting some great traction on social media. You’re generating new leads, gaining new blog and newsletter subscribers, increasing website traffic and attracting new social media followers. Sounds great, right?

But how do you keep the momentum going? While the quantity versus quality debate rages on in many circles, consistent content creation is an essential part of long-term content marketing success. Here are four tips for keeping pace while still producing content that gets results:

1. Plan ahead. This may be the most obvious of tips, but it is still very much worth mentioning and exploring. A content calendar is a must for teams looking to succeed in content marketing. We have a great blog post that talks about the process of creating that calendar along with a template you can download here. Keep in mind, however, that revisiting and revising your calendar as needed on a regular basis is always a good idea. Take a look at what’s working, what isn’t and what can be tweaked slightly in order to optimize your content marketing efforts.

2. Round up your resources. Chances are good that you don’t personally have all of the knowledge needed to write every piece of content you plan to publish. If you will have to turn to others within your organization or elsewhere for information, be sure to be proactive in your outreach. Even the best laid and most consistent content marketing plans can be derailed by delays in connecting with these resources. When possible, make sure you plan well in advance for any information needed from others and pad your deadlines to stay on track.

3. Mix it up. Here at ClickDimensions, one of our most popular pieces of content is our annual Marketing with Microsoft CRM Idea eBook. It’s a great source of new leads and a customer favorite, but with the current version weighing in at more than 190 pages, it isn’t the kind of piece that we would have the capacity to create consistently. That’s why we create a mix of short-form and long-form content throughout the year. In addition to allowing us to create content consistently, this approach also allows us to give our audience a variety of content to choose from. After all, you might not always have time to read a 30-page eBook or need to go that in-depth on a topic; sometimes a short checklist or a video is all you need and have time for.

4. Outline the approval process. Depending on your industry and your organization, approval processes can either be a killer or a breeze. No matter which side yours leans towards, make sure you have your approval process outlined for different pieces of content. Include who needs to review and set a turnaround time expectation for each individual or department. Work with the leaders of the departments that are a part of the approval process to establish turnaround times that make sense for everyone.

Want to learn more about how to be successful in content marketing? Download our free eBook, Hooked on Content: Developing a Successful Content Marketing Strategy with Microsoft Dynamics CRM today.

Happy Marketing!

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