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Marketing to Millennials: 4 Simple Tips

According to Forbes, there are 80 million millennials in the United States alone, representing approximately one-quarter of the population. Millennials also have more than $200 billion in annual buying power. With numbers like that, millennials might just be a key part of your company’s success. Here are four tips for marketing to this lucrative audience, and how you can use different ClickDimensions features to do so:

1. Personalize. Millennials enjoy communications that feel personalized and aimed directly at them. Including dynamic content or FreeMarker in the body of your email as well as in the subject will make your email stand out and be more likely to get a higher percentage of opens and clicks. In the ClickDimensions email send below, I created a welcome email for a fictional organization, the Sunflower Club. I included FreeMarker in the subject line so it would populate with my recipients’ first names, addressing them directly and personally.

I also changed the From Record Owner field to “Yes” since a recipient is less likely to mark a message as spam when they recognize the name. It’s also another great personal touch.

2. Keep them involved. Traditionally, companies have created products and hoped that their target market will consume them. However, millennials are more interested in voicing their ideas and becoming co-creators than having ideas sold to them. In fact, 42 percent said they are interested in helping companies develop future products and services. Surveys are a great way to deliver.

In our example scenario, in order to get feedback from Sunflower Club members about the weekly newsletter and featured products, I embedded a short four-question survey using the web content tab of the hyperlink manager in my email send below.

3. Be social. Millennials will often check social media for information or reviews on your products or services before they check your website. Including social media links in your email sends will show millennials, and your other email subscribers, that you’re on social media and interested in engaging them there. Social sharing icons can also be included to allow your recipients to share your email template on various social media channels.

Be aware that not every social media channel is right for your business, so hone on who your target audience is and which social media platforms they use the most.

4. Inform, don’t sell. Millennials always want to be informed, scouring the web for e-books, whitepapers, blog posts, infographics, videos and other how-to information. So it is not surprising that they like to support businesses who improve their customers’ lives with informative content. Developing helpful content not only often ranks highly in Google (and who doesn’t want that?), it also shows millennials that you are able to meet their needs and endless quest for knowledge.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Shekinah Harper, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager


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Shekinah Harper is a ClickDimensions Onboarding Specialist.

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