In our 5 Questions blog series, we profile our customers, partners and team members to help the ClickDimensions community become better acquainted. We hope you enjoy getting to know these individuals, and if you’re interested in being featured, send us an email at

Chuck Ingram
Co-founder | CEO, CongruentX

1. What do you like best about your job?

I’m a Co-founder and serve as CEO at CongruentX   – we help companies get CRM right. I love working with amazing people and seeing them succeed by solving big problems. The big problem I’m so proud of our team for solving every day is creating CRM success for our clients.

2. What are the biggest professional challenges you face and how does ClickDimensions help you address those challenges?

RevOps technologies like CRM is now over a 50 billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, people only feel like it’s done right about half the time. I love how our team helps companies get CRM right.  Relationships are incredibly important to our growth. ClickDimensions is a fantastic partner. We work together to create success across application boundaries that aren’t always business problem boundaries. ClickDimensions works with us seamlessly so we can connect groups like sales and marketing together to drive real business outcomes.

3. What was your background before landing in your current role?

I started implementing “Microsoft CRM” V 1.0 while working at Microsoft a few years back. Later, I moved into the Microsoft channel serving as lead for several practices including some of Microsoft’s biggest customers. While I got to work with some amazing people, I always thought that front office software like CRM could be done better with a little different focus. With that, CongruentX was born.

4. What would you do on your ideal Saturday?

Well, on Saturday nights I used to be in clubs playing rock guitar in bands. These days I enjoy spending time with my family, running, reading, and yes, still playing guitar.

5. Who has been the most influential figure in your life?

My dad passed from COVID-19 earlier this year. One of the difficult things we had to do was go through a bunch of his papers, which he kept A LOT of. We found a little slip of paper that explained his promotion from produce stocker to bagboy in the grocery store. I was about two years old at the time. While he later became a pretty successful businessman, that early promotion was clearly important to him. He and my mom always told my brothers and I that you can do anything you want to with creativity, relationships and hard work.