Are you a longtime ClickDimensions user? If so, you likely feel in sync with the solution and comfortable using it successfully in your marketing campaigns and daily activities. So how can you keep achieving optimal results and getting the most mileage out of ClickDimensions? Here are five tips:

1. Are you updated to the latest version of ClickDimensions? To check which version you are using, go to CRM Settings > ClickDimensions Settings and click Auto Update. This will open a window that shows the version you are running and the current version. Here you can also configure settings for automatically updating or manually updating your solution. We recommend updating to the latest version if you haven’t already. Remember, updating is absolutely free, and ClickDimensions has four major releases each year! Click here for more information about updating your version of ClickDimensions.

2. Check your records, and clean out unnecessary or outdated data. Do you have old or outdated web content records or form fields and survey questions that you no longer use? Take some time to clear out the clutter and keep only the records you need. Remember, ClickDimensions does not auto-delete records, so it will be up to you to determine what needs to go. You can always export data from ClickDimensions to Excel for additional reporting opportunities.

3. Bulk delete unsubscribe records. When batching out an email send, ClickDimensions uses a CRM query to go through the unsubscribe records of all the recipients you have included. This can take an increasingly longer amount of time if these records pile up. Remember, if someone globally unsubscribes, then the bulk email field on the lead/contact/account record will be set to “Do Not Allow,” which also prevents ClickDimensions from sending emails to people who do not wish to receive them – even emails from workflows or campaign automations. Setting the field to “Do Not Allow” and removing the unsubscribe record will allow the email send to be processed faster, and still ensures your customers’ preferences are respected.

4. Check your custom views, advanced find queries and workflows that use ClickDimensions data. Are your records up to date? Could your processes be more efficient as it relates to ClickDimensions records? Remember that custom views, advanced finds and workflows are CRM tools and entities, but because ClickDimensions is an integrated solution, these features and tools can interact nicely with ClickDimensions data. Click here to get some ideas for how ClickDimensions data and features can work with MS Dynamics CRM to fully optimize your marketing automation!

5. Take an Academy refresher! If you have completed ClickDimensions Academy already and you are a longtime user of ClickDimensions, now is a great time to take a refresher and learn about new features that we may have added since you took these courses. Remember, the Academy program is free and available to all ClickDimensions customers and partners. If you’re not yet a ClickDimensions Certified Professional, this is a free certification you can earn after you have taken all three Academy courses and passed the certification exam.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Molly Morat, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager