Marketers today spend a lot of time thinking about the best ways to convert and retain customers. When used correctly, email marketing is a great tool for connecting with and delighting your customers. You can use email marketing to create brand experiences that will nurture prospects towards a purchase and help delight and retain them once they become customers. To help you out, we have gathered five tips that will enable you to effectively delight your customers with email marketing campaigns.

1. Segment your customers appropriately. Your customers are unique and don’t all have the same wants and needs. So, when creating email campaigns, you shouldn’t be treating them all the same. This is where segmentation comes in. By segmenting your customer base, you can target each group individually and provide them with what they want. Although this might take more time when creating emails, the investment is worth it to build loyalty among your different customer bases. Open rates and click rates are likely to increase because your different customer groups are only getting what they requested from your brand.

2. Implement a subscription management program. Delight your customers by giving them exactly what they want through subscription management. You can do this by directly asking your customers which segment they most identify with. Begin by sending an introductory message to your subscribers with a list of different content or activity options to choose from via an email preference center. Once they select what they’re interested in receiving, segment appropriately. This can help reduce unsubscribes by ensuring that your emails only go to people that truly want to receive them. Subscription management can also help manage expectations on how frequently communications are sent, further increasing subscriber satisfaction.

3. Level up your confirmation emails. You are likely already sending a confirmation email to your customers after they make a purchase, so why not make the most of this touchpoint? If you’re only including standard confirmation information and a thank you, you’re missing an opportunity to connect with your customers. Confirmation emails usually have much higher open and click-through rates compared to other types of emails, as customers want to ensure all order details are correct. Take advantage of this by including related products and services, tips on how they can get the most out of their purchase and a thank you message. A post-purchase email is the perfect time to prove to new customers that you will provide value in future communications, so it’s important to maximize this opportunity.

4. Personalize your messages. In the age of digital everything, customers now expect brand interactions to be relevant and tailored. One way of personalizing your email content is including your customer’s name in your emails. The industry average open rate is 29 percent but including a customer’s name in the subject line boosts open rates by over 20 percent, on average. But be sure to go beyond simply name dropping in your personalization efforts. Remember that you are only limited by the data you have in your CRM when it comes to options for personalizing emails – from birthdays to account numbers to geographic locations to their favorite product or service from your company.

5. Create a nurture campaign. You can further optimize your email marketing with a campaign automation program. Automated nurture campaigns can be used in a number of ways and can be triggered by different customer actions. For example, sending a discount to a customer who has shown interest in a product, but has not completed their purchase, could help make the final sale. Additionally, you can customize your email sends and product recommendations based on your customer’s digital behavioral patterns.

Happy Marketing!