Are you a visual learner? If so, you aren’t alone. Studies have shown that an estimated 65 percent of the population are visual learners. Stats like that help us to understand why visual communications have soared in popularity in recent years, as marketers look to effectively educate customers about their brands.

When it comes to learning new things from visual content, infographics are an effective choice. They distill complex concepts into more easily digestible tidbits, making the information easier to understand and retain. So, as a marketer, if you are looking to learn and try new tactics – or improve upon existing ones – here are six ClickDimensions marketing infographics that can help:

1. Good Questions: How to Create Successful SurveysDo you want to know what attendees thought about your company’s most recent webinar or their impressions of your new ecommerce website or how satisfied they are being your customer? Surveys can provide you with insights in these situations and countless others. But not all surveys are created equal. This infographic outlines why and when people complete surveys as well as how marketers can create successful surveys.

2. 15 Types of Content to Post on Social MediaSocial media marketing is a necessary part of marketing strategies today. And while it can garner impressive results for brands, social media marketing is also not without its challenges. For starters, to be effective, it requires a significant amount of content that engages audiences. But how do marketers find ideas and inspiration for that content? They can find 15 ideas for content to share on social media in this infographic, as well as a handy guide outlining which content to post on which social network.

3. 5 Ways to Drive Sales with Marketing AutomationMarketing automation isn’t just for marketing anymore. In fact, many departments throughout an organization can reap the benefits of these powerful technology platforms. One of the biggest beneficiaries is sales. Find out five ways sales teams can use marketing automation to drive sales in this infographic, as well as some revealing stats that help support the marketing automation use case for sales.

4. Why Modern Marketers Need ServicesTechnology alone can’t meet the needs of marketing teams today. To be successful in a time of more – more technology, more tactics, more channels – marketers need skills and resources that may not always be available in-house. This infographic explores the rise of managed execution services and how they can help marketers keep pace with the demands they face today and realize a greater return on their marketing technology investments.

5. 7 Technical Best Practices for Email DeliverabilityNo matter how much time you spend crafting the perfect email, if it doesn’t make it to your audience’s inboxes, your email marketing program won’t be effective. That’s a hard truth for many marketers to swallow, but an essential fact that demonstrates the critical importance of email deliverability – whether you’re sending one email or 1,000. This infographic explores seven technical best practices that can help improve your email deliverability.

6. Anatomy of an Email Preference Center for Subscription ManagementSubscription management allows email subscribers to choose which emails they receive from an organization by allowing them to opt in to some types of messages while opting out of receiving others. But not all subscription management pages, or email preference centers, are created equal. Explore the anatomy of an effective email preference center and best practices for subscription management success in this infographic.

Happy Marketing!