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6 Types of Video to Use in Your Marketing

Showing is more compelling than telling. In today's content-driven marketing world, marketers are increasingly turning to video to showcase their brand's stories and engage with prospects and customers. In fact, according to a Demand Metric report, 69% of sales and marketing professionals have used video marketing, and the remaining 31% are planning to use it in the future.

Whether you are like the majority of that surveyed group and are a veteran video marketer, or you have yet to utilize this powerful and popular channel, here are six ideas for types of videos that you can use in your marketing initiatives:

1. Explainer videos. Think of these as how-to or tutorial videos. You can use explainer videos to show customers or prospects how to do something, often in a more effective or efficient way. These videos allow individuals to see what they are trying to accomplish in action, rather than just reading along. A company that makes grills, for example, could create an explainer video to teach people the best way to clean their grills in time for all those summertime backyard barbeques. Or a non-profit organization that focuses on pet rescue could use video to demonstrate how to choose the best collar and leash for your dog.

2. Webinar videos. Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that marketers rank webinars among their top five most effective tactics. If your organization currently hosts webinars or is planning to add them to your marketing mix, make your webinar content go the extra mile by recording the event and using the video in your marketing efforts. At ClickDimensions, we have recorded webinars available on our website, with the subject matter ranging from product demos to content marketing.

3. Behind-the-scenes videos. Also known as culture videos, behind-the-scenes videos do exactly what their name implies – they give you a sneak peek inside an organization. Companies use these videos to provide an inside look at their operations and people, and allow audiences to develop a more personal connection with an organization. Behind-the-scenes videos can serve a wide variety of marketing purposes, and are also an effective recruiting tool for HR teams. Check out this great example from Vistaprint and one from Google about their interns.

4. Testimonial videos. People often trust their peers more than advertisements, which is what makes case studies so impactful. Take your case studies to the next level with testimonial videos. When we develop a print case study here at ClickDimensions, we also ask if the person being interviewed would be willing to go on camera for a testimonial. Some people just aren't comfortable being on video, but for those that are, it gives us a great way to showcase our customers' and partners' experiences with ClickDimensions on video and in print.

5. Interview videos. Looking for some new blog content? An interview video may be just what you're looking for. In an interview video, you could opt to have two or more people on camera, or go with more of a news program style, with the interviewer off camera. This style of video could be used for a wide variety of purposes. For example, a product manager could talk about a new product being launched, a CEO could discuss industry trends or a marketing director could confer the benefits of attending a company conference or event.

6. Welcome videos. Video can be a compelling part of the customer onboarding process. A welcome video could provide an overview of an organization as a whole, convey a company's philosophy, describe some of the company's history and give people an idea of what to expect as a customer of your organization. A hospital's labor and delivery department, for example, could create a welcome video for expectant moms who will be giving birth there. A cruise line could also make use of a welcome video to show first-time cruisers what to expect once they are on board.

Happy Marketing!

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