What was that? Did you hear something? With Halloween’s approach, you might think that noise was the bogeyman or another creature that goes bump in the night. In actuality, it was the sound of your customers or leads fleeing from your campaign automations, also known as nurture or drip marketing. But never fear, we’re here to show you how to turn that around. Here are six ways your campaign automations might be scaring your leads and customers, and how you can take your automated campaigns from frightful to delightful:

1. Content issues. Within your campaign automations, are you sending the same content to leads and customers alike or sending messages that don’t provide a benefit to the recipients? If so, you might be spooking your audience. Campaign automations should contain information that will be of value to your leads or customers. Also, make sure that the content in every nurturing email is extremely relevant to those receiving it. While a piece of content can easily work for leads and customers, be sure to personalize the messages that promote that content so they address each audience individually.

2. Bad timing. If you aren’t putting any thought into the timing of your campaign automations, they aren’t likely to be well-received by your leads and customers. Schedule messages appropriately based on the type of campaign automation. A campaign for sales-ready leads, for example, would likely have a shorter timeline than one for inactive leads that touches prospects only a few times per year. Regardless of the type of campaign, wait and date timers (as seen below) within the ClickDimensions campaign automation builder can help you schedule everything perfectly.

3. No consistency. Nurture programs can help establish trust between a consumer and company while also building that company’s credibility. However, inconsistency in your messaging is a quick way to put an end to that benefit. For example, if your brand’s voice is very professional and the messages in your campaign automation have a more humorous tone, this can be very off-putting to your recipients because it’s unexpected and doesn’t feel authentic. Take the time to make sure that all of your nurture marketing messages are consistent with and reinforce the company’s brand.

4. Lack of targeting and personalization. One of the many benefits of a campaign automation is that messages can be customized based on the interactions a prospect has with the emails. Failing to use this aspect of the ClickDimensions campaign automation builder not only doesn’t use this tool to its fullest, it also isn’t as effective with leads and customers. Don’t just develop and send a series of generic emails that are sent over and over again; create personalized experiences.

5. Lack of permission. Permission-based marketing means that the individuals that you are marketing to have directly granted your organization permission to do so. Ensure that nurture emails – and every email you send, for that matter – don’t violate spam rules. Failure to engage in permission-based marketing may not only alienate your message’s recipients, it can also cause you to run afoul of the law. For example, the CAN-SPAM Act in the United States and CASL in Canada include specific guidance for giving email recipients the opportunity to opt in or opt out of receiving emails.

6. Not utilizing data. Data in CRM can be extremely helpful when creating nurture programs. Statistics such as industry and company size for business-to-business campaigns, or age, gender or location for business-to-consumer, can help tailor the message to a particular audience. Using ClickDimensions’ web intelligence feature, you can gain even more knowledge about customers and prospects. What ads are people clicking on to get to your website? On which pages do they spend the most time? Knowing what content your audience is most interested in can help target the messaging in your campaign automations.

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Happy Marketing!