First, the bad news: According to MarketingSherpa, 79 percent of marketing leads never convert to customers. The good news is that there is something you can do about that poor performance. It’s lead nurturing, and if you’re a ClickDimensions customer, it’s easy to set up lead nurturing campaigns – or any other kind of marketing campaigns – with our campaign automation builder.

Here are seven reasons why you should get started nurturing leads today:

1. Keep your organization top of mind. A Gleanster Research study reveals that 50 percent of leads are qualified, but not ready to buy. So what happens to those leads in the meantime? Too often, they fall off of a company’s radar and, in turn, the company falls off of the customer’s radar too. Lead nurturing campaigns are an effective way to keep your company top of mind as an individual progresses from prospect to customer.

2. Educate leads about your products and services. According to Forrester Research, today’s buyers are anywhere from two-thirds to 90 percent of the way through the buying process before they reach out to a vendor. So what are they doing during that time? Research. Once they have made contact with your organization, assist in their research efforts by adding them to a lead nurturing campaign that will educate them about your products and services, or even your industry and broader trends that may impact their purchasing decision. In the example campaign automation below, we see how a college or university might choose to educate prospective students about their institution through informative emails, a catalog download and an invitation to attend a campus tour.

3. Save valuable sales resources. Sales teams are so focused on the here and now (and rightly so) that they don’t often have time to think about or court leads that aren’t ready to buy right away. Using lead nurturing campaign automations, you can free up your sales team to focus on the hottest and most immediate deals at hand, while still building a pipeline for the future.

4. Help overcome objections during the buying process. “It’s too expensive.” “Now isn’t the right time.” “I don’t really have a need for this product.” You have heard all of these objections, and many more, before – or at least your sales team has. You can make it easier for sales to close deals when leads are sales-ready by addressing these objections and overcoming them in the content you send within lead nurturing campaigns.

5. Learn more about your leads. Adding leads to a campaign automation is a great way to find out more about what interests them. As they interact with the messages within a campaign automation, leads will follow specific paths within that automation. This personalizes their experience while also showing you what interests them the most. Do they click on links for certain products or services? Have they downloaded content about a particular topic? This can refine your understanding of who they are, what they want and how best to sell to them.

6. Increase trust in your brand. Campaign automations help you maintain consistent communication with your prospects, which in turn increases their familiarity with your brand and can help foster trust. You can further build this trust with lead nurturing campaigns that deliver content that speaks to their pain points, answers their questions and demonstrates your organization’s position as an industry leader.

7. Bridging the sales and marketing gap. Nurture programs bring value to both marketing and sales teams, and can help to close the gap between them. Marketing can construct a nurture campaign that includes the exact messaging that they want presented to the prospect, and sales can determine the appropriate campaign automation in which to place a prospect based on their level of buying readiness.

Want to learn more about using campaign automations to nurture leads, as well as customers? Download our free eBook, The Campaign Automation Playbook: Scoring Big with Customer and Lead Nurturing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Happy Marketing!